Sunday, April 10, 2016

Vegetable Garden Progress: Beds Are Made

Over the past few weeks, we have made some pretty good progress on the new vegetable garden. Four log-based raised beds are now ready to be filled with topsoil.

On Sunday, March 28 (after a one-day rain delay), nephew Pete plus Carl & Marita spent a sunny afternoon helping put logs in place. In addition to all of the cedars that we harvested, Scott decided to utilize some of the pine from our log stockpile. Luckily, the Ranger and Pete were on hand to wrangle these huge logs up to the garden site.

Marita was in charge of entertaining Bibbers.

Taking a cue from Lincoln Logs, Scott decided to fit the logs together by notching each end.
He tried using a hatchet and axe but the chainsaw proved to be the most efficient tool. 
 Once each log was notched, the short end was lifted into place.
Ta Da!
This is one of two beds created with the large pine logs. I think they resemble the chassis of Fred Flinstone's car but I'm sure they'll do a great job of corralling veggies.
Fast forward two weeks and pine bed number two was constructed. The Farm Boss got a new blade and a new chain so made quick work of the log notching.
It's not all about Scott and his's my foot, holding the log steady as he cut another notch. Good job, Kristin!
The other two beds are constructed of cedar logs. Since these logs are smaller in diameter than the big pine logs, each side of the cedar bed is comprised of two stacked logs.
Each "layer" of cedar is secured in the corner with a deck screw for extra stability.
Once the two layers of cedar were in place, Scott trimmed any excess off the corners.
And there you have it! Four raised beds ready for landscaping cloth and top soil and - oh yes - plants! We hope to have the soil in next weekend, then turn our attention to building a fence prior to planting. No need to supply salad for every deer and bunny in northern Douglas County!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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