Monday, April 25, 2016

Photos Reveal Bibbers' Past

Scott spoke to our neighbor-to-the-north, Jim, last week about Rocket - the new outdoor cat that hangs around the stoop. The focus of the conversation naturally turned to Bibbers (of course - what conversation doesn't?) Jim mentioned that he remembered Bibbers as a kitten, knew his mommy and litter mates - and even had photos! He was kind enough to stop by on Saturday and share copies.
Bibbers was the only orange kitten of his beautiful calico mommy. Jim told us that Bibbers (or "Garfield" as he called him) is the last survivor of the family. He also confirmed that Bibbers is around 8 years old (a few years older than we assumed.)
Yep! That's Bibbers! What a sweet baby! 
We adopted Leo at 8 months old and Wilson at 7 years old . . . so to get to see photos of one of our boys as a little kitten is quite a treat. 
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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