Sunday, April 17, 2016

Garden Beds Filled; Fence Now Needed

With some pretty nice weather and two nice helpers, the vegetable garden made good progress this weekend. It began with an early morning top soil delivery Friday. Scott arranged for the Yard Market to deliver late in the day but true to form with most contractors, they chose to make us their day's first stop. 
It was a beautiful morning to take delivery of 10 Yards of top soil/compost mix!
The dirt was dumped close to the corn crib and within easy totin' distance to the beds.
The pile didn't look that big but I'll let you guess if we had any soil leftover by the end of the weekend.
After I got home from work, I got busy with the task of lining each bed with two layers of landscaping fabric to block the grass and weeds from growing. The roll on the right was leftover from a project at Grant Street. We kept it all these years "just in case" of course.
I used the staple gun to attach the fabric to the inside of each log. Each layer was secured with two rows of staples.
Wilson gave the first bed a drive-by inspection and seemed "OK" with my effort. Thanks, Wilson!
Not to be outdone by Wilson, Leo got a good look at my stapling from inside the bed.
For the second layer of fabric, I used the newly-purchased 6-foot wide roll. Easy!
By the time Scott got home (3 hours later,) I had two beds lined and a really sore stapling hand. Having wind gusts of over 20 mph didn't make it easier - but I was pretty proud of working hard all by myself with just the kitties to keep me company.
Saturday morning, Scott reinforced the lining with some of the plastic-capped nails used when the contractors wrapped the house addition. There were literally hundreds of these nails dropped all around the building site so we made sure to pick them all up and store them away "just in case." The plastic caps will help prevent the lining from tearing.
Marita was the chief rake operator and helped coordinate who was dumping soil into what area of the bed. Thank you, Mama!
Carl was an excellent shovel operator and brought his own wheelbarrow - gotta love a man with his own tools. Thank you, Dad!
The boys kept the wheelbarrows moving (I was pitching in on the shoveling side.)
After all four beds were full of soil, Scott started laying out the location of the fence posts. We realized then that we were two posts shy of proper spacing.
Luckily, we have no shortage of cedars in need of harvesting! We made quick work of two trees and had the posts we needed.
The happy crew (minus the photographer) at the end of the shoveling portion of the day. 
Next step:  build a fence. 
Then:  buy veggies!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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