Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wedding Prep Kicks into High Gear

With only three weeks until The Big Day, we've been steadily checking things off the "to do" list. There's still quite a bit not done but we're all feeling good about the progress. Check it out:
Saturday morning, Scott went to The Grass Pad and purchased a trailer-full of sod for the west yard. Pat happily pitched in, helping to get the soil smoothed and graded.
It was hot and humid on Saturday but that didn't stop the boys from getting all the sod set and ready. They even had to make a quick trip late in the afternoon for another 10 rolls of sod. It sure is nice to have grass growing on this former-big-burn-pile spot!
Just when they thought their work was done, Dave The Hay Guy arrived to bale the grass in the east pasture. Scott decided that he and Pat needed to stack the bales on the trailer and tow it back to store in the corn crib and in the barn. The 51-bale yield will go a long way toward seating at the wedding!
Poor Pat - he worked so hard all day! Who would think this city boy would be so good at tossing hay bales?
While the boys toiled in the hot sun, Kathleen had her hands in hot water. The centerpieces will utilize dozens of jars and bottles - all of which had to go through a tedious label-removal process. We got a pretty good system down and, thanks to some elbow grease and Goo-Gone, the task was completed.
Tuesday after work (Aug. 19), the boys turned their attention to building a platform on which the bride and groom will stand during the ceremony. Another construction-goods pallet was utilized as the foundation with more great room ceiling tongue-and-groove pine as the surface. With such a sturdy stage, Kathleen may break out her tap shoes!
The basement craft room has turned into Centerpiece Central. Kathleen is creating the most beautiful arrangements, and the bottles we scrubbed clean look amazingly pretty!
The Adirondack chairs are undergoing a facelift, switching from orangey-pink "Gladiola" to a rich "Lavish Lavender." The chairs are going to look great near the fire pit!
Friend-O'-noTTafarm, Marie (aka Punky) shared a great idea for decorating. She is letting me borrow her collection of insulators. Some will hang in trees, others will be tabletop decor but they are all going to look beautiful with the addition of tea lights and jute twine. Great idea, Punky! Thanks for stopping by tonight to walk me through your vision!
Stay Tuned for More Progress!

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