Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One Pile Gone . . . One To Go

We've been saying for just about 4 years that the two piles of rotting firewood in the west yard need to go. With the big wedding just a few weeks away, we got some excellent help on Saturday to eliminate one of these problematic eyesores. Mom and Dad Camp spent a few hours with us in the humid heat of the afternoon, and made quick work of the pile.
Mom did her best to toss the logs into the back of the Ranger. Scott took about 12 Ranger-loads of this stuff down to the burn pile east of the barn. I call it "stuff" because the wood was mostly not wood . . . it was more like dirt held together by pulp. I wonder how long it takes for firewood to rot to this level of rottenness?
 Great job, Mama!
It was like old times, having Mom and Dad working with us in the yard. However, as the pile got shorter, the snakes grew more plentiful so I excused myself to run an errand with the Bride-to-Be.
Thanks for your help, Carl & Marita!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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