Sunday, August 3, 2014

Brick Pathway Complete!

For most of the summer, Scott has been piecing together an extension of the driveway apron and a pathway to the barn. The inventory of bricks pulled from various flowerbeds have been stacked and waiting for use for years. Finally, by late this afternoon (today, August 3) the project was completed.
On Saturday, Scott tackled the area nearest the south barn door. Bricks were added to create a entryway pad plus a few rows were placed for a future northbound path.
With divergent paths, Scott toiled to curve the path both north and east. Note at right the dwindling brick pile!
Scott was up-and-at 'em early this morning to extend the 4-bricks-wide path up toward the garage. As the path curved around the driveway, its width changed to 3-bricks and then to 2-bricks wide. If we ever find a batch of inexpensive (or better yet, free!) antique pavers, he'll be able to extend the path further.
Finally! The final paver is put in place. Good job, Scotty! 
Carl and Marita were here to witness the completion. They both pitched in by spreading and sweeping sand between the bricks. Thanks, Mom and Dad!
Look at this beautiful layout near the barn door! 
Scott outdid himself - he had to space bricks to create a curve, cut some in half lengthwise to fill gaps, and use driveway gravel to ease the transition to the barn door's concrete stoop.
Of course, the project had to be approved by the boss, Bibbers! 
Scott is happy to provide Bibbers with a brick pathway so that his travel from the barn to the food bowl near the house can be as comfortable as possible. Spoiled Kitty!

The next tasks will be to plant some grass seed and figure out a way to store the excess sand. We severely overestimated the amount of sand this project would take. But the good news is, if the Missouri River rises to a thousand feet above flood stage, we'll be ready.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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