Saturday, August 30, 2014


It's been a rainy couple of weeks here at noTTafarm but the weather gave us a break last weekend (August 23-24) and Scott was finally able to get outside and on to the visiting tractor. Saturday was particularly hot and humid but Dad Carl came over to help eliminate the final pile of rotting firewood from the west yard. Scott used the tractor and scooped up big piles while Dad picked pieces by hand and tossed them in the back of the Ranger for transport. What used to be comprise a backyard eyesore is now at the bottom of the hill east of the barn.
Thanks for the help, Dad!
On Sunday, with my brother Tim here for support and muscle, the low area east of the barn was tackled, tractored, and tamed. The goal was to clean up the final remains of the big piles we burned several weeks ago. Even with all the rain we've had, the smaller of the piles was still smoldering! Tim even got a little burn on his arm from a hot piece of wire. 
The boys were very excited to show me a melted piece of glass they discovered.
The first task was to clear an area and dig a big hole. The remains of the west burn pile were then pushed into the hole and neatly covered up. Prior to burying, the boys pulled out all of the metal, broken glass, and various un-burned trash for proper disposal.
Once the hole was filled, Scott spent some time grading, 'round and 'round on the tractor to create a nice flat area. We'll soon have to get a new burn permit and try to eliminate more of the south pile. This area is well on its way to being cleaned-up and ready for nature walks.
Confidential to Ward Family Members:  Tim got a little sunburn on the top of his head the previous day so he wore a cap for a change. I could not believe how much he looked like Mark! The cap must be magical. Thanks for your help, Mark Tim!

Mom and Dad return from their Alaskan vacation tomorrow night. Scott will certainly miss having a tractor and a big pick-up truck at his disposal! We even used the truck to take another load of metal to Scrap Central on Saturday; another $16.53 earned.

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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