Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wedding Arch? Check!

The bride and groom-to-be were at noTTafarm before 6:30 tonight (Tuesday) to work on more wedding tasks. While Kathleen and I worked on planting flowers, Scott and Pat decided to take advantage of the glorious weather to work in the west yard on the wedding arch. I would have never guessed that they could plan, construct, install, and refine the arch in just a couple of hours . . . but that's what the boys did! Check it out:
After cleaning the cedar logs of their extraneous branches, they made sure the two verticals were exactly the same length. Scott decided the arch should be 7 feet wide so that the Ranger could easily drive between the two upright posts.
Pat grabbed our new post hole digger and went to work! He quickly dug the first hole, 3 feet deep, only taking about 10 minutes to accomplish the task.
The second hole provided the extra challenge of having a few tree roots which Pat quickly cut through.
By the time Kathleen and I were done with our planting, the boys had placed both uprights in the holes Pat dug, and were ready to place the horizontal piece across the top.
While Pat held the ladder, Scott notched the top of the uprights with the chainsaw to provide a cradle for the horizontal piece.
I wasn't able to photograph the placing of the horizontal piece because the boys each lifted an end and went up their respective ladders while Kathleen and I steadied them. They sure did make it look easy! As a final measure, extra-long screws (leftover from the great room roofing) were drilled through the top log and into each vertical post.
Great job, Pat and Scott!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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