Monday, May 14, 2012

Ready for Summer Fun!

In anticipation of summer fun activities < like Lumberjack Days! > we decided to purchase a screened-in sunshade.  Such a cumbersome name for what it really is . . . let's call it the Party Tent! 
"We" (aka Scott) set it up in the west yard and put our patio set inside. 

Carl and Marita came over for dinner Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day, and since the weather was so nice, we enjoyed dinner al fresco.  The screens will come in handy when mosquito season arrives!

This weekend, I also got organized and replanted the pots displayed in the Gleaner on the east pasture.  I left the six pots in place over the winter, and boy, did the weeds ever take over!
 No making fun of the boom box in the foreground . . . I like to listen to NPR while I work in the barn.

Since I struggled getting the petunias to live in the dry and hot conditions last year, I took some advice from a NebGuide and found plants that were drought-resistant and that would survive in bad soil.  Perfect for my partly-green thumb!
Each box contains moss rose and a purple cape daisy.

We used the Ranger to help tote the flower boxes to their spot atop the Gleaner.
Thanks for lifting the boxes up, Scott!

Ready to grow!  Just need to add water and sunshine.

Keep your fingers crossed for a pretty display!


  1. Love the fact that the Gleaner is your "flowerpot"! Was led to your blog by my friend Montte- apparently, you now own what was once her husband's family farm. We are also relatively new farm owners here in Va, and I have chronicled our learning process in one of my several blogs!! Good luck- I am now a "follower"

  2. Welcome, Oogleboops! It's nice to have a new "follower" to our blog.