Monday, May 28, 2012

Pretty-fied Porch

Since I am so proud of the newly-rehabbed and cheerfully painted picnic table, I convinced Scott to let me try another project.  We purchased our Adirondack chairs more than five years ago, and their weathered appearance didn't do much to enhance noTTafarm's south-facing porch.
Before. . . 
I chose Sherwin Williams 6875 Gladiola as my inspiration...just the right deep coral tone to contrast the white painted porch and all of the green scenery.
The fun part was getting the color mixed at the store.  Since I used exterior enamel, the tinting was tricky and took about 45 minutes of tweaks until the paint experts were satisfied that I would be a happy customer. 
After a thorough sanding and wipe down, I was ready to paint - this time with the help of a new friend . . .
 Behold the new paint sprayer!
I was smart and selected a sprayer that can handle latex paint (such as the Gladiola enamel) as well as stain.  Perhaps we can utilize the sprayer to help us get all of our woodwork ready and back in the house.
I started with the underside of each piece so I could get used to using the sprayer.  It worked really well, and we are really happy with the overall finish after two coats.
The finished result!
The porch looks very welcoming now - especially with the addition of Boston ferns and a new light fixture.  Such a relaxing spot to sit and enjoy the beauty of noTTafarm.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!


  1. I needed one of these paint sprayers last week! My brush made a huge mess on my hands, clothes, drop cloth .... :)

  2. Karna - I was inspired by your post of last week! You should treat yourself to the sprayer . . . as a reward for inspiring me :)