Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dress Up Time!

Last spring, Tim and Teresa donated their unused picnic table to noTTafarm to retire in the country.  The standard sized, cedar plank table was nicely weathered from several years of suburban backyard life.  This week, I decided to spiff it up with a new coat of paint so it will be fresh and ready to use for a full summer of fun!
Before:  Ready to Work in the Barn
I dusted off the spiders from the underside, then sanded the whole thing with the palm sander.  (Yes, I used a power tool all by myself!)
After sanding.

I chose a  color from the Sherwin Williams Coastal Cool collection, SW6773 Rapture Blue.

It's a beautiful aqua reminiscent of every girl's favorite jeweler, Tiffany.  After the first coat, it looked pretty good.
After one coat.

All Done!

Almost immediately, Bibbers appeared and curled up under the table.  It's nice to have his stamp of approval!

What Should I Paint Next?  
Stay Tuned!

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