Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coyote! Or Pup?

So I was sitting at my vanity this morning, putting on my makeup, when movement through the south bedroom window caught my eye.  I shouted, "coyote! coyote!" and Scott shouted, "get the camera!"  He was able to get two pretty decent shots.
He cut through the yard and sauntered into the neighbor's pasture. 

Scott ran outside and snapped this picture with the telephoto lens.

So what do you think?  Was this our first coyote sighting?  Or did our imagination get carried away at the sight of someone's pet?
The Internet offers this guide to coyote identification.  
(Thanks, Marie, for finding this!)
I'll leave it to my brother, Tim, the avid University of South Dakota graduate and proud Coyote to offer a definitive answer.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Of course it is a Coyote. There arn't any jackrabbits or bison near your place. And the Sioux haven't been around for a long time.

  2. BTW I asked an expert for an opinion and no it was not Clark

  3. Little Brother has spoken...Coyote It Is!

  4. We love hearing stories from North Farm's Doris:
    "Years ago we did see those critters, once in a while. After the homes way up on the top of the east ridge were built, the howling at night stopped. The girls still remember hearing them.
    The summer before we moved, I saw the worst looking animal I have ever seen. It was long, skinny and had a bony face. Had a long, long skinny tail that drug on the ground; the tail must have had a hard surface on the bottom. Gives me the creeps to even think about it. Something must have inbred. "It" just sauntered west; no big hurry. Used to see fox quite a bit.

    Incidentally, I do think that was a coyote. 'Nuf" of me and my memories."

  5. I say coyote, I have seen 2 since being in Colorado and that looks like the ones I have seen:)

  6. Definitely coyote- good shot!!! Very cool.