Monday, May 21, 2012

Let the Tiling Begin!

Finally, after months of delay, weeks of prep work, and two days of suffering from a head cold,  Scott was able to begin the tile installation in the 1920 bathroom.  The first major step, of course, involved a new power tool.  Scott assembled his new tile saw and then was ready to roll!
Assembling the new Ryobi on the driveway.   
The saw uses water from the garden hose to help the blade . . . plus the cutting makes a mess so it's best to do this task outdoors.  Scott made a lot of trips up and down the stairs to trim tile to fit!

The southeast wall was the first to receive the tile, beginning with the smoky gray base.

The saw in action!

The white subway tile will be at wainscot height around the perimeter.

Originally, we thought we'd put a few courses of white tile above the glass strip but after consideration, we decided it would work best at the top, just below the smoky gray mud cap.

All done! (almost...)  The mud cap pieces will be applied when the rest of the room is ready since the corners have to be mitered to fit.  

We're excited about the progress, aren't you?
Stay tuned!

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