Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Late Start . . . But It's A Start

Last week, I was excited that the upstairs floor refinishing would begin on Tuesday, October 18.  We're a little peeved and inconvenienced now because the floor refinishers waited until Friday, the 21st to start.  With the time it takes to do the work and then time for the finish to dry and cure, it will most likely be Saturday the 29th before we can officially "live" at noTTafarm.  Here's the progress, so far . . .

The floor contractor brought in two big sanders. 

The crew re-installed the flooring in the hallway which Scott had removed earlier this year to make room for the expanded bathroom. 

Removing the wall separating the two bedrooms left a pretty wide void.  The floor crew installed a few perpendicular planks and Brazilian cherry floor vents to fill the gap.

We are exercising our patience and are very happy to accept an offer from Carl and Marita to bunk with them for two nights - after all, the "new people" move in to our house on Grant Street on Friday the 28th! 

Stay Tuned for a Progress Report!

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