Sunday, October 16, 2011

Insurance Policy

The wood floors for the first floor library and parlor have been ordered, and now the waiting game begins.  We are at the mercy of everyone's favorite large Omaha-based furniture store, hoping that the order will be processed quickly.  But - just in case - we've got a back-up plan in place for storing our furniture.
Scott ordered a 20' long x 8' high storage container.  It is now parked on the east side of the house in the space formerly occupied by a string of dumpsters.  This container is more than large enough to store the living room and dining room furniture if need be.
Of course, the thought did cross my mind that Scott simply wanted to procure a sturdy fortress to house his Audi TT until our garage is constructed.  Do you think the storage unit's serial number foretells its future?  Will the TT call this (costly, rented) steel box its home?  Only time will tell.

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