Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Heat is On

Knowing that moving day is, at most, 20 days away, renovations at noTTafarm have shifted into high gear.  Scott has been on the phone all week, scheduling a variety of tradesmen to help get things in order. 

One major thing was crossed off the list on Saturday, October 8.  Our favorite contractor, Terry Hurt, sent two of his crew to noTTafarm to work on the library floor.  One floor joist was out of whack and created a big hump in the middle of the room; repairs were necessary before new flooring could be installed.  Jarrick and Collin made quick work of stripping off the old plywood sub-floor, shaving down the whacky joist, and gluing/screwing down new OSB sub-floor.  What may have taken Scott and me a full weekend to accomplish, the boys were able to do in less than one day.  Plus - they left the room and basement below cleaner than when they arrived (and they were cute, to boot!)
Jarrick and Collin started replacing the floor at 7AM Saturday.  By the time we got to noTTafarm at 11:30-ish, they were nearly finished!

Scott checked to see if the new sub-floor was level...of course, it is.

Also on Saturday:  
Double-decker Dining!  Tux and Bibbers shared a meal.

Also accomplished:
1.)  We selected and ordered flooring this week from the Furniture Mart.  The parlor and library will have 3/4" solid birch, hand-scraped, dark brown wood floors.  We're excited to have this done before moving day!
An illustration from the wood flooring cutsheet.

2.)  Scott is getting estimates to have the floors upstairs refinished.  As you recall, the drywallers and insulation installers left quite a mess behind - so we will have the beautiful Douglas fir floors upstairs re-done before we move in.

3.)  Cody the Plumber is coming back soon to fix a leaky drain pipe which means I'll be able to use the dishwasher.  Yay, Cody!

4.)  Scott also talked to Terry about having concrete poured in the barn next month.  He (Scott) is determined to keep the barn badger-free . . . as if a little concrete could stop a badger from making his home at noTTafarm. (Ha!)

5.)  The remainder of our time this week has been devoted to buttoning up Grant Street.  It needs to look as fabulous as possible for the appraisal later this week, and the FHA inspection left us with quite a to-do list.

Check back for more as we progress toward Moving Day!

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