Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weekday Progress

noTTafarm work is not a Saturday / Sunday-Only deal.  Sometimes, you must work during the week!  Scott and I spent a few hours each night Tuesday and Wednesday to get ready for the insulation and drywall contractors.  I cleaned remaining insulation and plaster chunks out of every nook and cranny that the shop vac hose could reach.  Scott added blocking to the ceiling in the bathroom and finished running all of his telecom/network cables. 
The Omaha area experienced a mini heatwave this week. It was hot and humid Wednesday night as Scott worked on the cabling.

The orange tube serves as a conduit for future cabling needs.  After the insulation is installed, the conduit will be an easy-peasy way to upgrade.

Based on the number of outlets Scott installed, noTTafarm is going to have phones, Internet, television, satellite, missles, mission control, a data center, and a telegraph system for old times' sake.

The best way to end an evening of hard work at noTTafarm!

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