Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Running Cables

The weekend of June 17-19 kept me busy with a variety of non-noTTafarm activities.  The company I work for officially celebrated its 50th anniversary with two days of parties centered around the College World Series.  On Sunday, my buddy Amy B. and I took our annual trip to Walnut, Iowa for the big antiques fair.  Needless to say, I was too pooped to be of much good! 

Luckily, Scott took advantage of noTTafarm's no-wife days of peace and quiet.  After a quick tutorial from an actual audiovisual cabling expert (thanks, Troy!), he spent the weekend running cables for computer network, television, and telephone.  Scott has done a great job and just has a bit more to finish up this weekend.

Scott is doing an excellent job of keeping the various cables tidy.  He's got them zip-tied together and attached to the studs about every 16 inches.
We are not messing around . . . these are REAL cables.  You can tell they're professional grade by the spool.

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