Thursday, June 30, 2011

Attic Find

Last week when Scott cleaned out the attic, we discovered this bundle of lumber.   At first we thought it was a bunch of tack strips, especially since we found several small rolls of carpeting nearby.
Upon closer inspection, we figured out that it's probably a quilters rack.  The hinged pieces are not only spiked with tacks but also have inch rulers.
Any quilters out there?  Can you confirm our assumption?

Another noTTafarm relic

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  1. One of the regular readers of Adventures sent an email with the following info:

    This is the answer I got back from my quilting sister when she saw the picture of what you found in your attic:

    "Sure could be a quilters frame because it has those screws for adjusting on it. It also looks like they made it out of yard sticks. I had an old lap frame with adjusting hardware just like in the photo."

    Thanks for the research, Andra!