Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Scott!

Saturday wasn't a very heavy work day.  What it was:  hot, humid, sunny, and Scott's birthday!  We spent most of the day outside; Scott mowed while Carl and I tackled some weeds in the cottonwood's flowerbed.  After an afternoon in Fremont with her girlfriends, Marita arrived just in time to enjoy a grilled pork tenderloin dinner.  All in all - a good day for Scott!

Carl and Marita share a laugh with the birthday boy. 

You know that saying about one man's trash being another man's treasure?  Carl intended to dispose of several steel rings that used to hold together whiskey barrel planters.  He tossed them in the dumpster but Scott dug them right out.  The barn just desperately needed an Audi symbol on its west side!

The spoils of last week's Lumberjack Days made for a good bonfire.  The temps dropped as the sun set . . . the right combination for after-dinner entertainment.

Sunday was another hot and sticky day.  I spent a little time spraying poison ivy and Scott framed out a couple of walls in preparation for soon-to-come insulation and drywall.  More on that next time!

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