Monday, December 28, 2015

White Christmas

Merry Christmas!
noTTafarm - along with the rest of the Omaha area - was caught off guard Christmas Eve when the predicted dusting turned into eight inches of snow. The weathermen may have gotten it wrong but we didn't mind. With the day off from work, it was quite relaxing enjoying the morning watching the snow fall from inside our snug home. When it tapered off after lunchtime, Scott's clean-up tasks began.
The courtyard wall gives a good indication of the snow's depth. 
Pine tree in the south yard.
A view of the barnyard. 
Scott began by clearing the courtyard with the help of the snow shovel.
Views worthy of a Christmas card! 

This snow was sticky! The Ranger and its plow did the heavy lifting. We had a day or more of rain prior to the 24th, leaving a slippery coating on the ground under the snow. 
Finally, the snowblower was called into action. Great job, Scotty! 
The Camp family, including Andrew, Jeff and Pete, gathered at noTTafarm on Christmas Day for brunch. 
Scott passed out the presents with help from Andrew. 
And, yes, it was Bibbers' first Christmas as an Inside Cat! He made the rounds, letting everyone have time with a lap cat (including his Gramma Marita.) 
We hope your Christmas celebration was spent with the people you love!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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