Tuesday, December 29, 2015

And Now for a REAL Adventure

Our regular readers know that I most always sign off with "Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure." It's my little way to let you know that we're always up to something here at noTTafarm. However, I may have to change my signature. Our niece Katie and her beau Alessio have begun their very own adventure; they left their home in Portland on Christmas Day for an 8-month long hike around the world!
After a 12-hour layover in Hawaii, their first stop is New Zealand. They will be there about a month before moving on to Sydney, Australia. India, Cambodia and Thailand are all on their list before ending their journey at Alessio's ancestral home in Italy this coming summer.

You can follow their adventures by reading their blog: nomadiCampers.com. They've promised to make regular updates (or as many as possible given the wilderness's lack of wireless.) Please keep them in your prayers that they may have a safe and wonderful adventure!

Stay Tuned for Our Next (Local) Adventure!

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