Sunday, December 13, 2015

Pre-Christmas Catch-up

It's been nearly one month since my last post but it's not because we've been lazy. It's because we've been busy! We hosted Thanksgiving for the Camp family and then headed straight into getting ready for Christmas. First stop:  Home Depot for a beautiful tree.
We found the perfect Frazier fir. H.D. staffer Gaylord (who sold Scott his big snow blower five years ago) trimmed the trunk and helped load it on the trailer.
Scott prepared the tree stand with the help of Bibbers. This will be his first Christmas as an "inside" cat!
The tree is tall but narrow. The very tippy top of the tree nearly touches the track lights above it which I think makes it nearly 12-ft. tall.
Wilson and Leo observed Scott as he strung lights on the tree. . .
. . . and placed the kittycat tree topper.
Ta Da!
A couple hours of ladder-climbing and ornament-placing and we've got ourselves a Christmas tree.
In addition to the tree, several other spaces are decorated, including the powder room.
The garland over the colonnade is decorated with kitchen-themed ornaments.  
The flat-bucket we've had for years is hung on the brick chimney next to the range.
The open shelves are for "Christmas only" for the next few weeks. All the Fiesta - except for items in the green and red families - is stored in the pantry, and the Christmas Pfaltzgraff is available for daily use.
The silly plaid deer that I put up for Lumberjack days has become a seasonal highlight with the addition of a red ribbon and a red pom pinned to his nose.
New for 2015: this piece hanging in the entryway. The base is a steel tray from an incubator that I bought in Dannebrog during Junk Jaunt this past September. My mom gave me a set of chalkboard placemats about 25 years ago so I attached one to the back. I trimmed it out with faux greenery, floral berry picks, and a precious deer (from Target, of course.)
New for 2015: taking a little inspiration from Pinterest. Scott has had this toboggan since he was an 8th grader. It's been in storage either in the basement or in the barn since we've been married. Now it's the centerpiece of the courtyard, decked out with a wreath and tiny skis (from Target's dollar section.) It's pretty cute if I do say so myself!

It's reasonable to say that noTTafarm is ready for the holidays!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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