Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Tradition: Baking With Friends!

When it comes to Christmas, baking cookies is a must. And who better to bake with than noTTafarm superfriend Amy B. and daughter Brenna?* With the plan in place for a few extra girls hanging around inside the house on a Saturday, Scott decided it would be the perfect day to rent a log splitter. He called Kevin for reinforcement and I got a Sara, a Bennett, and an Elliot in return! The Kupzyks and the Brummets arrived at noTTafarm bright and shiny Saturday morning to get to work. 
First on the to-do list was mixing up some cinnamon rolls. Brenna and Bennett each measured four cups of flour for me. Such good helpers! 
I rolled out and baked a batch of sugar cookies earlier in the morning so Bennett and Brenna were excited to get started with the frosting. Amy and Sara did a fine job, too, of course. 
Amy showed Brenna how to use the piping bag and she took to it like a pro.
Bennett frosted and ate two Christmas tree-shaped cookies before turning his attention to piping the letters (one for each member of the family: K, S, B & E)
If Amy ever gets bored being an engineer, she could quickly rebound as a professional froster.
Brenna is an expert big sister to Tripp so it was easy for her to play with Bennett. They put some puzzles together and drew pictures for us. She even carried him around the house to protect him from the cats.
Meanwhile out in the sunny but cold north yard, Scott and Kevin toiled away. Scott discovered that kicking/rolling the big logs toward the splitter was easier than carrying them.
Something tells me that Kevin got the raw end of the deal; he lifted the logs onto the splitter and Scott pushed the little button to make it go. But they had fun and filled the southwest corner of the corn crib with ready-to-use firewood.

I just realized that I didn't take any photos of 4-month old Elliot. You're really missing out - what a cutie! Amy was on Cloud 9, getting to cuddle such a sweet boy. 

After a pulled pork sandwich lunch, the baked goods were divvied up and my baking buddies left for the day. I really hope these two special families enjoy their Christmas (and visit noTTafarm again soon!)

*This was the first Christmas in more years that I can count that my buddy Leigh Anne and I didn't frost cookies together. No worries, though! She and Meredith have promised a make-up-date in late January. Still, I missed having L.A. join in on the fun!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!


  1. It was such a wonderful day! Thanks for letting us invade the peace and quite of noTTafarm with our Brummet brand of loud talking and silliness.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. It was definitely one of my favorite memories of 2015! Such a fun morning with some of my favorite big people and little people. XXOO - K