Saturday, June 6, 2015

East End Fire

All the rain we've had this spring has offered excellent protection against grass fires. With a burn permit in hand and a calm weather forecast, Scott decided to light up the big pile of branches we created in the former landfill site east of the barn. The stack had grown over the past months to be about 20 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 8 feet tall (method of measurement = my guess (+/- 95% error). Once word got out that a big fire was to be lit on Saturday, May 30th, people beat a path to our door to help and to watch.
Well, Hello, Bennett!
Kevin, Sara and Bennett arrived an hour or so after Scott and his dad (Carl) got the fire started.
A little lighter fluid is all it takes . . . 
Kevin brought along his mom and her boyfriend who were visiting Omaha from their home in Colorado. What better way to entertain your folks by taking them to a stranger's home to watch a fire burn?
While the rest of us simply observed, Kevin and Scott dragged more dead limbs from the nearby woods and added them to the pile.
They also used the Ranger to load logs from a more organized but long-abandoned pile of logs. The grass is getting so tall in the non-maintained areas of the property,  finding and loading burnable limbs is getting tricky.
Making Progress by 11 o'clock  
Do you think there's any competition between these two, to see who can toss the heavier log?
Later in the afternoon, Scott cut and hauled several cedar and ameer honeysuckle trees from the west slope. By the end of the day, his arms were covered with a rash brought on by contact with the prickly branches.
Ta Da!
The big pile is gone for now . . . at least until we start building it back up. There's always brush, limbs, logs, and trees to burn at noTTafarm!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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