Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend Memories

Did you enjoy the long holiday weekend? Wouldn't it be great if 3-day weekends were mandatory during summer months? We had a few cloudy days to deal with but we still managed to get a lot done and have some fun. Check out the progress:
We both took Friday as vacation days so we could get a jumpstart on the weekend. After blueberry pancakes and smokies for breakfast, my first task was to head to Home Depot for a load of plants.
After a cloudy month full of rain, Bibbers was ready for the flowers on the patio.
While I potted plants, Scott took the Ranger to the north edge of the west yard. He loaded the trailer with a bunch of limbs that we had piled up earlier this spring before the undergrowth took over.
This spring has had its share of rainy and windy weekends so it was nice to have a day calm enough to start a fire - which made quick work of the trailer load. Later in the day, Scott found a few odd pieces of junk wood in the barn which he agreed to take to the fire. Good job, Scotty!
Later in the afternoon, Scott took the Ranger up to the Gleaner to collect the flower boxes. Doesn't he look like a real farmer, walking out there in the tall grass?
This year, I'm trying verbena, lantana, and marigolds. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we'll have a pretty display!
 Sometimes, Bibbers just needs to be cuddled.
I've tried something different at the south end of the front flower bed, too:  dwarf spruce trees and coleus. Will they thrive? Stay tuned to find out!
Saturday was rainy and cold but Scott and I worked up a sweat with an afternoon task. For three years, windows removed from the 1920 and 1972 portions of the house were collecting dust (and spiders, and who knows what else) in the barn, waiting for the day that they would be recycled. The day finally arrived! We pulled them out of the barn, brushed off the dirt, and removed a bunch of nails and old trim. We loaded the trailer and took the load to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, where they were happy to take them off our hands.
Rejuvenated by the window disposal task, Scott took the chainsaw-on-a-stick out to the driveway. Some branches from a elm tree were hanging just a little too low for his liking. We hauled the branches down to the big pile on the east side. (We've got to get a burn permit one of these days to eliminate that pile!)
After another cloudy/cold/rainy day (Sunday) when we accomplished not much more than napping and snacking, Monday was welcome relief.  Sunshine!! A full day of sun was the perfect ending to our 4-day weekend. While I took care of more planting (Thanks, Lowe's!), Scott pulled the power washer out and his waterproof boots on. The courtyard, northwest stoop, and driveway - plus all three cars - got a good rinsing.
noTTafarm is now officially ready for Summer! 
When will you be visiting?
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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