Saturday, May 9, 2015

All Because of Bibbs

Because Bibbers is an important member of the noTTafarm family, Scott takes great care to make the life of our little feline friend as comfortable as possible. For several years, Bibbers has received a daily ration of Kit'n Kaboodle but much of it has been consumed by turkeys and raccoons who rudely leave trails of poo and dirty footprints. A few weeks ago, in an effort to foil the attempts by turkey and 'coon to steal the food, Scott designed and constructed what he likes to call the "feeding pavilion."
Ta Da!
This bottomless crystalline box is covered with pieces of polycarbonate leftover from the connector's stair project. The frame was created from the metal tubing of a long-abandoned laundry sorter. (These tubes are the type of thing we don't throw away because 20 years later, you may find yourself building a feeding pavilion and need just that type of tube to complete your design.)

Scott's design inspiration was the Mies van der Rohe Farnsworth House which was constructed of glass on an all-white steel frame. He considered painting the tubes black to more closely copy Philip Johnson's Glass House, an iteration of the Farnsworth House. All told, it's an architectural feature that noTTafarm was  lacking. . .and Bibbers demanded for his discerning dining needs.

The pavilion has been relocated the the northwest stoop for the summer so that we can try and keep the courtyard free of the aforementioned poo and prints. The food continues to be eaten by unknown creatures - unknown until Scott recently put the trail camera on the stoop. The photos tell the story of the disappearing food:
The pavilion was created with a five-inch gap on the sides to allow a nice-sized kitty in but deny access to a tall turkey. Here, Bibbers emerged after a snack.
Wait a minute...that orange guy isn't Bibbs. It's Leo! He just left the house where there's a full bowl of food but headed straight for the food bowl on the stoop.
Well, geez. Does Wilson really need more food? The five-inch gap is apparently wide enough for our 20-pounder.
Trail Cam Selfie!
Wilson got an up-close shot. 
Trail Cam Selfie II!
Being this close to the lens gave a "fun house" look to our Leo. 
Aha! The Culprit!
After the parade of kitties finally passed by, our ol' friend "Scarsdale" paid a visit to the pavilion. This scrawny raccoon has been around noTTafarm long enough to earn a nickname. He enjoys free reign over the food (after all, look how Bibbers "watches" his every move.)  I guess even raccoons appreciate good architecture!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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