Saturday, June 6, 2015

More Garage Progress

It's a rainy Saturday (again) so Scott planned a good indoor activity: creating counter tops for the garage cabinets.
Counter tops are important. Where else would we stack junk? The cabinets have nice drawers which are kinda silly without a top covering their contents.
Lucky for us, we have a seemingly never-ending supply of tongue-in-groove pine, remnants from our great room ceiling. Scott hauled them from the barn to the garage for processing.
This was a pretty easy process, started by measuring and marking the final length.
The chop saw did the hard work. 
As each piece was cut, Scott handed it to me for placement on the cabinet.
The rubber mallet helped create a snug fit between the individual boards.
Ta Da!
That was easy! Now, of course, he's trying to decide how to permanently affix the boards to each other and to the cabinet below. Then he wants to add a backsplash of sorts. Then he's toying with the idea of sanding, staining, and finishing. Then we've got to stain and finish the window trim, stairwell, door trim . . .etc., etc.!  The to-do list never seems to get shorter. 
We'll worry all about those details another day. For now, the little remnants were hauled back to their place in the barn.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure! 

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