Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sod Buster

Ever since the "Great Water Line Rupture of November," Scott has been planning to add fill dirt to the major areas affected by the backhoe. Lucky for us, we have neighbors that just happened to have an extra pile of dirt from a recent construction project. Scott chatted with Jody who agreed to deliver the dirt last week.
Before we had a chance to plant grass, it rained on the clay soil. After just a couple of sunny days, the top crust of dirt was almost as hard as concrete.
Scott first attacked it with a hoe . . .
. . . then used the tiller. I helped out, too, if you can believe it. We took turns using the hoe, tiller, and rake.
With the dirt finally tilled, Scott did some fine-tuning on the grade with the rake.
First, he added the new-grass-starter-fertilizer . . .
. . . then tossed on some grass seed . . .
. . . then used the garden weasel to work the seed down a bit. We finished with a nice sprinkling of water. We also worked on a smaller patch closer to the house, following this same sequence. Now all we need is some sunshine, water, and time and we'll have some nice grass. 
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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