Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Sign of Good Times

The Big Day stands out as our favorite memory of 2014. One of the many ways Pat and Kathleen found to thank us for noTTafarm's hospitality was the gift of an amazing authentic street sign. It took us a few months (ok, it's already been over seven months) but we finally found a great spot and completed installation. 

The street sign is the official size and manufacture of a local municipality. One of Kathleen's friends (and a wedding guest) created it at her request. 
We also received an official aluminum bracket. 
After considering a few options for posts, poles, and trees from which to suspend the sign, we agreed that the easiest - and also the niftiest - spot was to hang the sign on the barn. Scott used the bed of the Ranger as a raised work platform, lining the bracket up with the door hardware.
Let's count how many tools it took, shall we? First, the drill was used to bore holes for the bolts . . .
. . . then a socket wrench to tighten the 2"-long bolts. 
After a little bit of coaxing (with a file), the sign slid into the two slots which hold it in place.  
An Allen wrench was necessary to tighten the bracket bolts. 
(There was a slight panic when the Allen wrench went missing during the process. We calmed down when it was discovered in someone's pocket (not Kristin's.)) 
Ta Da!
We may move the sign closer to the driveway if we find an appropriate post. But for now, the sign looks great and we're excited to have it on display.
Thanks again, Pat and Kathleen!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure! 

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