Thursday, March 26, 2015

March Maintenance

With the month rapidly winding down, I thought I'd update you, our dear readers, on a few small tasks we've taken care of lately. Actually, not "lately" exactly but really Sunday (March 22). We got a late-afternoon start because somebody had to fix the Ranger tire that was punctured last week. Of course, that somebody required a new tool to get the job done.
This new doo-hickey removes tires from wheels. Getting the tire back on the wheel was the tricky (time-consuming) part.
Finally, after an hour of frustration and help from YouTube, the tire was back on the wheel where it belongs. 

Our big task for the rest of the afternoon was to disassemble and store the bar that was created for The Big Wedding last September. It has been living on our patio since then, and really needed to be stored somewhere safe to have it ready for the next big event (whatever that may be.)
The Ranger pulled the trailer around to move the bar to the corn crib for storage.
Scott used his air compressor and air wrench to remove the bolts. 
We couldn't have asked for a better helper than Bibbers! 
Side note:  Bibbers made it through the winter just fine. Having a heated and insulated kitty cat condo in the barn (and having food delivered to the barn on especially inclement days) helped him put on his winter weight. No, he does not need to live in the house. 
We lifted the separated components onto the trailer 
(that thing is heavy - even in sections!)
Until the next big event . . . the bar has a home in the corn crib. 
I wonder if we should set up the trail camera to catch any marmot/raccoon/opossum parties?
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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