Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pick-up Sticks

Did you get out and enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend? With temps in the '70s for the first time since October, it was hard to find motivation to stay inside and work on house tasks. Lucky for us, there's always something to do outside at noTTafarm. This weekend, that "something" was clearing downed trees and rotten branches from the area east of the barn. Scott fired up the Ranger, we pulled on our boots and gloves, and got to work.
With the grass still dormant and the trees still bare, it is easy to see all of the assorted logs and branches that need to be picked up. This area is right behind the barn and follows the north edge of our property down to the former-landfill-pond area.
Scott surveyed the situation, amazed at the number of fallen or dead-in-place trees.
I filled the garden wagon with smallish branches and wheeled them down the hill to the burn pile. Sort of an inefficient method but it kept me busy.
The most fun comes when you can just push over a dead-but-still-standing tree; it makes you feel super strong!
We used the Ranger's cable and winch to wrap around a stack of logs and drag it to the burn pile. The weather has been warm and dry - so dry that our area is under a red flag warning - so no fire for us this weekend. We've made a huge pile though which should equal an awesome fire when that day comes.
Of course, Bibbers had to help Scott fill the chainsaw with gas. He stayed with us and watched the work all Saturday afternoon.
Go, Farm Boss, Go! 
The size of the burn pile doubled with the amount of stuff we added this weekend.
Sunday, I got smart, and traded the garden wagon for the dump bed of the Ranger.
We called it a day Sunday afternoon when the Ranger suffered a flat tire. Sadly, the tire was punctured by a super sharp chunk of wood and will need some repair. All in all though, we enjoyed spending time outside and got some much-needed work done.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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