Monday, June 23, 2014

West Side Story

Who needs a trip to the beach or mountains when you can spend a few vacation days at noTTafarm? Not us! We spent last Thursday and Friday at home, working outside on several projects. Scott's first task was the creation of a new flower bed on the west side of the barn. 
Like any good project at noTTafarm, you must begin by getting out the Ranger. It also helps to have kitties nearby (in this case, Wilson and Bibbers filled the need.)
After removing the grass and weeds, and temporarily relocating the solar lights, Scott indicated the final shape of the bed.
Scott pulled the bricks from our big stockpile. It's nice to finally have some of them in use!
Kathleen and I relocated the big pots from the cottonwood garden, and she planted them with geraniums and vinca. Good job, Kathleen! I plan on relocating some of the plants from the garden under the big cottonwood to this spot soon. I have also added some purple cone flowers which were "on sale" at Home Depot.
The final chapter of this West Side Story was the addition of a brick driveway for the lean-to portion of the barn. It began with excavation-by-hoe, and was smoothed and graded and smoothed and graded until the architect was satisfied that the bricks would sit level and any water would drain away from the barn.
The graded area was covered by a couple of inches of sand, then the bricks were laid in a herringbone pattern. Scott pulled out only the "Coffeyville"-stamped bricks, and arranged them in a specific way (of course.)
Ta Da!
After a dusting of sand to fill the joints, the mower now has a snazzy new driveway. Great job, Scotty!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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