Monday, June 23, 2014

Wedding Prep: First Things First

Scott and Pat took an inventory of the stockpile of lumber in the barn and determined that the first thing to build for Pat's upcoming wedding is perhaps the most important:  the bar. Scott was inspired by Kathleen's desire for a rustic outdoor wedding and some Internet images to design a bar made of wooden pallets. Luckily, noTTafarm has a nice selection of pallets leftover from the delivery of construction material. They started working on the piece a couple of weeks ago, and the parts are nearly ready for assembly. The photos included in this post were taken during the early stages of construction.
The plank at the left will be the top of the bar from which drinks are served. This piece used to be part of the stables in the lean-to portion of the barn. The beat-up and ragged appearance of the plank only lend more charm! A single 8 ft. wide pallet will be the front of the bar. You can see this one is missing a few of its teeth . . .
. . . but no worries! Since we have additional pallets "in stock," Scott was able to cannibalize one for parts.
Pat enjoyed getting to use the Sawz-All to cut down some nails, a hammer to add the new slats, . . .
 . . . and the power washer to do a deep cleaning of all the parts. Who know what has crawled around, over, and through these things during their two years in the corn crib?
After everything was power washed, Pat and I held the pieces together for a picture. Eventually, a countertop made of the leftover tongue-and-groove great room ceiling pieces will be added. The plans also call for wheels! Stay tuned for the finished product sometime before September.
The following night, the boys began the arduous sanding-and-poly coating portion of the project. As of today, all of the parts are sanded and finished with multiple coats of poly. Great job, Pat!
Stay Tuned for More Wedding News!


  1. This wedding is gonna be so cool! I wish I could be a fly in a noTTafarm tree for it :)

    1. Kathleen and Pat have so many great ideas! It's going to be super awesome :)