Monday, June 30, 2014

Field Trip: Scrap Central

My folks' trip to Napa Valley afforded us a rare treat. No, not a complimentary case of California wine but the chance to use my dad's F-150 pick-up! We took advantage of the truck's availability, and loaded it up for a trip to the scrap yard. Since construction began two years ago, Scott had squirreled away wasted metal and ductwork destined for the landfill in the barn. 
Bits and pieces of the old HVAC system, unused conduit, bits of copper wire, and other odds-and-ends were loaded up.
Scott briefly considered taking this old propane tank but decided that they wouldn't take it so he would find a proper disposal site.  (For the next few years, you can find this tank back in the barn. Feel free to take it home!)
Omaha's Scrap Central is a magical place! Where else could you find outdated ATMs stacked next to cubes of crushed pop cans and air conditioner parts?
This is where old appliances come to die - but only until the Scrap Central elves disassemble them and recycle the parts.
A small dumpster was delivered to the truck . . .
. . . and we emptied the truck's contents into the bin. The forklift then took it to the scale while we anxiously awaited the outcome. Would we earn enough money to retire? Could we buy a new patio set? Not quite . . .
. . . but, hey, $51 for an hour of work isn't bad!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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