Thursday, June 5, 2014

Big Hail but Little Damage

A major thunderstorm rolled over the Omaha area Tuesday, June 3rd. The television weather teams had the community sufficiently worked into a frenzy with dire warnings of the impending doom. As I left the office at 4 pm, the tornado sirens began to sound and the sky to the north (towards home!) grew increasingly dark.  I raced home to noTTafarm just as quick as the Mini could go, barely getting in the garage before the first hail stone slammed onto the ground. Just a few miles north of us, in Blair and Fort Calhoun, hundred of homes and vehicles were badly damaged. We were lucky to get by with just a few dings on our gutters and some broken geraniums. In addition to 2.25" diameter hail stones, Omaha had record-breaking rainfall - in fact, it was the most rain in a single day this century! Scott was stuck at his office throughout most of the fun but made it home in time to see the pouring rain and the hail stones I put in the freezer.
Looking out the northwest stoop door soon after the hail began. It was so loud! The kitties scampered - Wilson headed to the basement and Leo ran straight upstairs (isn't that the exact opposite of what you should do?) I was so concerned about taking pictures that I didn't even think to take cover.
Smaller hail stones piled up against the courtyard wall on the east side of the house. The hail came from the north and west. 
I ran outside to pick these up so I could show Scott - my scientific knowledge of hailstones gauged these at "golf-ball-sized." 
Wednesday morning, Scott took a tour around the property to assess the damage. The cottonwood tree shed quite a few leaves and small branches! 
The lone damaged window was on the north side of the barn.
Many of our downspouts and gutters sustained big "dings" but the siding and roof appear to be OK. 
Bibbers helped survey the damage Wednesday morning. It may take a few days for us to get everything back in order but we're so thankful to be safe and sound at noTTafarm.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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