Monday, June 10, 2013

That's What Friends Are For

Friend of noTTafarm, Amy B., finally convinced me that she had the desire, time, and talent (well, I knew that part) to help with one of our outstanding projects. She spent six hours on Sunday acting as a trim carpenter, and did a wonderful job (of course, as her carpenter assistant, I get some of the credit.) After a brief skills test by the foreman (aka Scotty), Amy and I tackled adding the trim and baseboards to the 1972 hallway and the library.
Because Amy is an engineer, she is very thorough with "boring" stuff like measuring and using tools.
Maybe I should have taken Industrial Arts class in junior high rather than Home Ec - then maybe I would be allowed to use the miter saw. Amy made it look so easy!
Using the stud finder before nailing the first baseboard.
The coat closet was the first to receive the new trim.
This is the trim that Carl spent time routing and sanding, and Marita helped with sanding and staining last weekend. A true team effort!

By the time 6:30PM rolled around, we had finished as much as we could, including the trimming the three doors in the hallway and the majority of the baseboards. I am so thankful that Amy was able to lend a hand today; having these tasks complete is a huge relief!
Thanks, Amy B.!

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