Sunday, June 9, 2013

Now if Mother Nature Would Cooperate . . .

The consensus among bankers and appraisers is that a house needs to have a yard. We've done our best to comply by planting about 100 pounds of grass seed over the past few weeks. Even though we've been blessed with a cool and rainy Spring, it would be helpful if a week of warm sunshine came to noTTafarm to get the seeds poppin'! We did have one pleasant evening last week, and I got to help plant.
Scott used his new pull-behind-the-Ranger harrow to break up the bare patches of soil.
 Meanwhile, I walked behind the fertilizer spreader full of seed. 
 After the seed was spread, Scott worked it into the soil with the garden weasel.
And, of course, Bibbers patrolled the yard and kept us on task.
Stay Tuned for the Green (Hopefully) Update!

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