Monday, June 24, 2013

3 Days + 6 Things = 2 Exhausted noTTafarmers

Three more days.

That's what we've got until Thursday. The day of our final final final appraisal before the construction loan expires on July 1st. We've been working our little tails off, have stayed up way too late every night, and have made great progress.

There were six things noted on the May appraisal that must be completed:
1. the powder room must be functional
2. the old kitchen needs to be painted and have a floor
3. the stair rails need to be done
4. all door knobs need to be installed
5. all wood trim must be in place
6. the master bath must be functional

The good news is that, as of right now, #1 and #4 are done; #2 is 66% done; #3 is 80% done; #5 is 87% done; and good ol' #6 is 53% done. The even better news is that we both have vacation days tomorrow and Wednesday so we are confident these items will be taken care of.

I've been given 22 seconds to you will have to be patient and enjoy the photos below until I have time to catch up.

Our good buddy Amy B. returned on Sunday, June 23 for another day of baseboard duty. With me as her whiny assistant, we were able to piece together baseboards in the big guest room and finish a few in the library. Thank goodness for Amy!
Frustrated by a dull tile saw blade, Scott turned his attention Saturday evening to the stair treads on the main staircase. Installation is easy: just apply super sticky double-sided tape to the wooden stair, then stick down the rubber treads.
The first one was the hardest but after that, he figured out a good system.
The finished product: by 1:15 Sunday morning, the stairs were covered! Good job, Scotty!
Friday evening, we set out to put the new sub-floor down in the old kitchen. Leo was a great help, as always.
Even the sub-flooring had to be cut as closely to perfection as possible.
Meanwhile, Scott continues to tile, tile, tile in the master bathroom. We'll have the tile done by the time we go to bed tonight, and then I can grout, grout, grout tomorrow. Anyone want to help carry buckets of water up and down the stairs? That is the hardest part. I did grout the water closet and the sink wall on Saturday so at least I've got good experience.
Friday evening (or maybe it was Saturday morning? I can't remember) I painted the upper walls of the water closet. The color we picked is a dark browny green called Pier - another color from the Coastal Colors Collection at Sherwin Williams.
Wilson loved sitting on the balcony, looking down at the excitement below as Scott worked on the stair rail construction. He had a good view!
Saturday, Paul was back to finish installing wood trim. He had to recreate a few pieces including the trim on this door in the big guest room. His expertise and help are soooo appreciated! We would have never found time to do this task - 10 windows and 5 doors. Thank You, Paul!
Paul brought along his best helper, Cooper. It was fun having him here!

I will try and post something Thursday night to let you know how the appraisal goes. Until then, keep your fingers crossed and say your prayers that we will get this done . . . I am ready for a celebratory glass of wine (or two.)
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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