Friday, June 28, 2013

Success! Mortgage Closes Today

We're done!
All of the hard work and sleeplessness has paid off. With a phone call from our mortgage lender at 4:05 Thursday afternoon, we were given the go-ahead. We will meet at the bank and sign over the next 30 years today at 3:30. I didn't take any photos during the final push but I can give you a few highlights (you can use your imagination for the visuals.)

1.) Scott bonked his head on a bolt on the stair rails and actually had blood running down his face. He mopped it up and kept working.

2.) After a brief tutorial, Scott trusted me to lay-out and glue down the rubber floor tiles in the new office with little supervision. It looks great!

3.) I was also in charge of grouting the master bath. My hands are still swollen and numb but I got the job done.

4.) We hired a plumber to set the fixtures and an electrician to install the sconces. We now have a beautiful functional master bath!

5.) Amy B. volunteered her services again Wednesday night. She painted, arranged a book shelf, helped Scott glue the new rubber baseboard in the office, and brought us a pizza. She's my hero!

6.) We didn't go to bed before 1AM for a week (including being up til 3:30 Monday night/Tuesday morning and 2:30 Wednesday night/Thursday morning.) I now realize how awesome sleep is!

7.) The appraisal was set for 4PM Thursday but the appraiser asked to come over at 1:30. The house was dirty but he didn't care, and was very happy to see our completed projects.

As soon as we get the house clean, I will take photos of all the completed projects to share.

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!


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    1. Thanks, Karna! I hope you can visit sometime soon :)

  2. Congratulations!! Job well done. We'll love to see the finished grand noTTaFarm! Yeah!