Monday, September 5, 2011

Tub Time!

The newly-refurbished claw foot tub was delivered back to noTTafarm on Thursday, September 1st.  It is just the right shade of yellow (Sherwin Williams "Optimistic Yellow" SW6900) to bring cheer to the upstairs bath. 

Scott and I managed to drag the tub from the east porch into the freshly-painted parlor.  A cast iron tub is as heavy as you might imagine!  Luckily, we have brawny nephews just itching to hoist the tub up the stairs when we're ready. 

The tub's feet were painted bright silver which will pop against the white 1x1" hex floor tile.  We'll keep you posted as the bathroom remodel continues!

Bring Your Own Rubber Ducky! 

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