Monday, September 5, 2011

Mountain Lion Spotted at noTTafarm!

There's been a rash of mountain lion sightings in the Omaha area lately, and the news media is more than ready for actual photos.  We've been diligent at noTTafarm, not anxious to become an afternoon snack for an elusive panther.  Imagine our surprise when we stumbled up this creature on the south porch:

Oh wait. 
That's not a mountain's our Leo!

We were so excited for Leo to make his first visit to noTTafarm!  He made himself at home and seemed to get used to the house pretty quickly.  We were relieved that he seemed curious but cautious during a venture outside, too.   He and Bibbers met, too, but with a window separating the two of them.  Leo didn't seem to be too perturbed that there was another yellow kitty at home at noTTafarm.

  Rollin' around on the concrete.

 Takin' it easy.

Stay Tuned for More of Leo's Adventures!

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