Sunday, September 11, 2011

10-Day Hold

The time has come.

The bullet has been bitten.

We are finally putting our house in the city on the market!

Scott and I met with our realtor Saturday morning, and set a date for the Grant Street listing to go "live."  We've got 10 days to get the house in order, declutter, clean, and fix things.  We will have to sacrifice time at noTTafarm in order to attack the list of tasks at home (which won't officially be "home" for much longer (fingers crossed))!

But noTTafarm was not completely ignored this weekend!  I painted the landing and part of the stairwell; Scott discovered a large hole in the east pasture that he can't decipher; and we kept the corncrib kitties fed.  Here some other highlights:

Saturday afternoon, Carl helped us unload a bunch of old conduit to store in the barn.  You can ask Scott why it was important to hold on to this stuff for 18 years and then move it across town to store for a little while longer.

Scott and Carl hung a few more sheets of drywall in the upstairs bathroom.

The trailer came in handy on Sunday when we carted miscellaneous items to noTTafarm.

Scott's co-worker Steve came out Sunday afternoon to help clear away a few limbs of the half-fallen osage orange near the driveway.  He's happy to have a truckload of firewood!

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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