Monday, September 5, 2011

Bath Project Moves Forward

Scott and I extended our Labor Day holiday by a few days to devote more time to noTTafarm's various projects.  The majority of effort was directed toward the upstairs bath remodel.  We've got all of the materials, tools, fixtures, tile, and paint we just have to connect the dots and make ourselves a bathroom!
The first task to tackle was installing the shower pan.  Of course, this required a new tool!  In order to mix mortar correctly, Scott "had to" buy this neat mixer attachment for the drill. 

Mixing the mortar.

 Troweling on the mortar.
 Once in position, Scott stood on the shower pan to set it into the mortar.

The next day, Scott tackled the floor.  He troweled on a layer of mortar then secured the cement board with a bajillion screws. 

Next came a layer of moisture-resistant drywall.  A layer of cement board will be added to the lower portion of the wall to serve as a bed for the wall tile. 
This plumbing shares a wall with the stairwell.  Scott added some leftover insulation as a sound buffer.  Note the door installation at right.  To save space, we are using one of the original 1920 5-panel doors as a pocket door. 

Stay Tuned for More! 

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