Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Omaha Wards Enjoy a Day in the Country

My little brother, Tim, called me on Friday to ask if it was okay if he came out Saturday to help himself to some firewood.  How could I turn down the chance to get rid of some fallen limbs?  All he needed was Scott's chainsaw, his trusty Chevy "Shirley", and NPR on the radio.  The unexpected bonus was the arrival of Teresa, Clark, and Karli with lunch for all ~ and the willingess to stay and help!  We kept busy most of the day trimming limbs from an Osage orange tree which had split and fallen into the horse pasture south of our driveway a few weeks ago. 
Scott tries to enlighten Karli about the noxious behavior of the poke weed.

Clark watched Tim try and tame an old, dead Chinese elm tree east of the barn.  That wood was too he moved on to the Osage orange near the driveway.

Karli was excited to bond with our Horse Neighbors, including Buffy!

Buffy and Friend tried their best to help Teresa and the kids clear broken limbs.  But, since they don't have hands, all they could do was lend moral support.

Tim and Scott struggled to get the chainsaws up and running!

Teresa laughs at the thought of having roped her 16-year-old into a day of "helping" at noTTafarm.

Karli got to drive her daddy's pick-up for the first time!  She hauled four or five loads of limbs up to the burn pile.

Clark is Number One!

When the dust settled, we were left with a ginormous pile of Osage orange branches.  Luckily, the weather was clear and we worked late inside the house . . . so the majority was burned before we went home for the night.

We thank the Omaha Wards for their hard work and good cheer!

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