Monday, July 18, 2011

Simple Artifacts Discovered

Scott cut a hole in a patched area of the former-dining room floor on Sunday, July 17 to create a new return air plenum.  He discovered that the plywood floor patch was shimmed by a slender stack of newspaper ~ bits and pieces of an Omaha World-Herald.
The paper shim was topped by an advertisement featuring a Scottie Dog!  Most of you know that they are my favorite type of dog...not because they're cute but because they are named "Scottie!"

This handwritten note was folded and shoved way down in the plenum.  For some reason, Susie and Jay never received this particular note from Nancy.

We love finding snippets from noTTafarm's past!

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  1. Nancy is one of Rich and Doris' daughters. Jay and Susie are Rich and Doris' niece and nephew.