Monday, July 18, 2011

If It's Saturday...It's New Tool Day!

For the past week, Scott has been working to prep the parlor and future-kitchen area (formerly known as the living room and dining room) for drywall.  For some reason, the work could not possibly proceed without a new power tool.  The latest addition to his stable of tools is a Milwaukee M-12 Cordless Multi-Tool.  It has an oscillating blade that chops through pretty much anything - and of course, you can "collect" all sorts of attachments to use for various tasks. 

Scott prepares to cut through the paneling on the former dining room's west wall. 

Cutting like the proverbial hot knife through butter!
Scott let me use it, too!  I did a fine job of cutting through some lath underneath the plaster hiding underneath this paneling.

The M-12 came with it very own soft-side case.  Isn't it cute?

Care to make any predictions on what tool is next on the shopping list?  I'm guessing a tile saw...but maybe that's just wishful thinking.

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