Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ice Day = Work Day

Two things have been missing in our master bath since the construction in 2013:  additional towel bars and crown molding. Now, three years and some odd months later, I'm excited to tell you that progress has been made! Omaha was hunkered down during Winter Storm Jupiter on January 16, so we took advantage of the "snow day" declared by our employers and took on a project. Check out the story of the towel bar installation:

While we installed a double towel bar and two hand towel rings previously, we still had two towel bars to hang inside the shower. The 18" and 24" polished chrome Kohler "Margaux" bars had been in storage under Scott's sink for (literally) years.
The laser light level came in handy when Scott taped the template to the west wall of the shower. Sadly, being stored under a sink for two years wasn't the best for these paper templates. They were both a little too warped to be accurate.
So, once the first few holes were marked by the drill, Scott used a tape measure and the laser to mark the remaining hole locations. He used a diamond-tipped drill bit to get through the tile (I helped by spritzing the drill bit with water as it gnawed its way through.)
After two holes were drilled for each end of the bar, plastic anchors were inserted then the mounting bracket was screwed into place.
One down . . .one to go! 
With the bar in place, tiny set screws were inserted to finish the task. 
Good job, Scotty! 
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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