Saturday, January 28, 2017

Quick Fix for Postal Problem

The little bit of snow we got in Omaha early this week didn't do much damage; schools weren't closed and travel was fine. The only casualty was our mailbox. Its pole was broken off near the base and its 2x6 structural pieces were splintered. At first, we assumed that the county snowplow was at fault but after finding a note taped to the now-upside-down mailbox, we had our culprit. Mail carrier Nate apologized for approaching too fast and skidding on the snow. He assured us that the U.S. Postal Service would be happy to reimburse us for the inconvenience. Scott called the number provided fifteen times on Friday before finally getting through to someone with the authority to tell us that our mailman could bring mail up the driveway until we could get our post repaired.
After lunch on Saturday, we went out to assess the damage.
It took a little prodding with the post hole digger before finding the original location. It didn't take long to figure out that the ground was too frozen to dig a new hole. We quickly came up with a good temporary solution that will work until warm weather returns.
Scott loaded the Ranger with three buckets of river rock and a bucket of sand to use to keep the post secure inside a galvanized trash can.
Who would think that a kitty litter box full of sand would freeze into a solid chunk when stored in the barn? Scott struggled to break it up with a shovel.
Once the post was centered in the can, Scott poured in the three buckets of rock. That post isn't going anywhere!
Ta Da!
Scott secured the World-Herald box to the post with a bungee cord and our little project was done! Please approach our driveway with caution when the road is snowy. If you hit that can with your bumper, you might have a problem (and I'm going to make you help pick up all the rocks that get scattered.)
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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