Sunday, October 16, 2016

Our Gourd-eous Harvest

The packet of seeds labeled "Ornamental Gourds" was a fun investment. For only a few bucks, we got a summer full of entertainment, watching the vines slowly grow and take over a good portion of the garden. With summer fading and the vines yellowing, it was time to harvest.
 This big green gooseneck gourd grew from its spot high on the fence. The harvested gourd is over a foot tall with a beautiful, smooth green skin.
The total harvest was about 30 pieces, most of which were tiny pumpkins less than 3 inches wide. They are now the highlight of our entry's fall motif, piled in a sweet little farm wagon I found in Ravenna during Junk Jaunt last month.
 Of course, I had to add a noTTafarm Produce tag!
The larger gourds are on display on the sofa table. I pulled one of the egg trays out of the incubator in the barn to use as a tray; it holds four gourds and two wicker balls.
Three of the gourds are small pumpkins - too small to carve but just right for interior decor. We are definitely planting more gourds and pumpkins and maybe even Indian corn next year. But we will plant them outside the garden enclosure to give our veggies a fighting chance.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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